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Why I Started a Digital Marketing Agency

Owner of NST Agency
Nick Trigilio, Owner

My name is Nick Trigilio and I started NST Agency to help small businesses with their digital marketing. Simply put, I want to help local organizations grow.

At the age of 14, I technically had my first job at my dad's car dealership washing cars. I did that during the summers and after school through high school and college. Until one day he came up to me and he asked "what do you know about posting cars online", in which I responded "absolutely nothing, but I will give it a shot." From there, I was hooked. I continued to try new ideas, and it was a subject that I wanted to learn more about. Quickly my dad's dealership was gaining exposure through digital platforms that he didn't even think were possible. I knew I had something, and I had to keep going while also learning the power of these platforms.

The biggest thing I took from it was how excited it made him. Working at a small business, the results you generate go so much farther compared to working at a big organization. For my dad, a small business owner, it was personal to him. He was so excited to hear a customer tell him "I saw that car on your website", which made me so happy to see him excited about more people finding his business online. I knew that if I continued on this path, I could continue to help his business develop.

That happiness I gained from seeing my dad so excited about more people learning about his business, is why I started my digital marketing agency, NST Agency. Business owners are passionate people, so it is no wonder they get exhilarated when more people learn about their business, and make a purchase. They put in so much hours and hard work, and love seeing that return for their work. Since starting with my dad, I have continued to work with local organizations in their digital marketing, from building and managing websites, to creating strategies, and managing social media accounts. For over 12 years, I have implemented marketing strategies across multiple platforms that developed a brand presence for each organization, while increasing their traffic and sales. The best part for me is seeing a business owner excited for those results, and seeing their business grow.

That is why I started. How can I help your business grow?


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